Manning Services

Huge amounts of money is lost when an equipment is down, and its even more frustrating when its difficult to get people ton such situations on time. We at velik engineering offer manning services where our technicians basically acts as nannies to your equipments , maintaining them to workable order to ensure that’s theres little or no downtime in your base of operations.
 Light repairs and lubrication services are done, taking stock of parts needed to nurse the equipment .preventive and corrective maintenance services are practiced including expert housekeeping.
All these services keeps your production running at a low maintenance cost.
  • Basic cleaning, lubricating, switch off/on and power change operations and routine maintenance services on the heavy duty.
  • Manning services for the customers desired hours (either 12 hrs. Monday to Friday or 24/7 operations).
  • Responsible for heavy duty equipment’s in compliance with Health and Safety policies