Diesel Fuel Injector Repairs

Some jobs are bigger than others, and our diesel injector rebuild service covers virtually everything to do with your diesel engine. When your truck is acting up, it may be a sign of significant trouble. There’s no need to take the risk of operating with a faulty diesel fuel injector
 We provide several services that comprise full coverage for your fuel injector’s maintenance, repair, and replacement.
  • We can handle all standard repairs for you. If your fuel injector is broken or worn, we can locate and resolve the issue promptly. Our technicians can put their tremendous experience to work for you so that your car or truck can continue operating at peak condition.
  • In more drastic situations, our technicians can conduct a complete rebuild on your fuel injector system. Most modern diesel engines today use the common rail approach to deliver the fuel to the engine. If your fuel injection system has suffered a catastrophic failure, it may be beyond repair. Nevertheless, our team is qualified to replace or rebuild your system in that case.
  • We also provide related services that can improve the performance of commercial, agricultural, and recreational vehicles. Enquire about our ECU remapping or the performance chip, which may offer up to 20% more power.
We can repair any type of diesel injection and turbo component (mechanical injection pumps, electronic pumps, high pressure pumps, electronic and mechanical injectors, turbochargers).

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